Hey everyone, been browsing around this forum for a while and decided to join up.

Im 19, living in north eastern suburbs of Melb and I own a Yellow 1999 Seat Ibiza GTI as my daily.

Nothing too fancy about it, just the stock ABF 16v engine, coilovers and a new ECU chip for more torque in lower rev range.
Definitely a fast car around corners >

Looking to buy/swap for a TDI Golf at the moment.

I grew up around VW/Porsche/Audi's as I and my dad are apart of the VW Club of Vic and my dad has owned numerous VW's and a Porsche.

He has owned 3 MK1 golfs, 2004 Oettinger Bora, 1980s Porsche 911, Two mk1 siroccos and maybe a few other cars I cant remember at this time.