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Thread: R32 new member

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    R32 new member

    Hi All,

    MK V R32 owner, looking to sell it so will be posting in the for sale section Hopefully someone here is interested. I don't want to trade it and would prefer it goes to someone who apprecaites these cars...

    I have owned a MK V GTI and MKV TDI 2.0 as well, been a long time fan of VW and cant wait to get into the Golf R. Just would hate to trade in my R32 with a dealer...

    I have some grand plans with the R



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    BTW, How can I post in the FS section... I know they mods dont want this used as a free ride however given the R32 is an enthusiasts car I figured this would be a great place to start, with the community...


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    I believe that section becomes available after you've been a member for X amount of time. Someone else asked recently. Feel free to chuck the details (or just photos) here in the meantime.

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    Once you've been a member for 90 days, and have 10 posts to your name, you're good to go in the classifieds.
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