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Thread: VR6 in auto or manual?

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    dj_daniel88 Guest

    VR6 in auto or manual?

    i know usualy its personal preferance, but most people here seem to want manual. is there any reason for this other than the fast take off and that it is more fun to drive () .. bad auto transmission?

    i'm not sure which would be the better way to go, but i will be driving the car regularly and i think i might get sick of manual, especially when driving in the city and in traffic!

    anyway what do you guys think of the differences between auto and manual in a vr6? i wouldn't think power difference would be too much difference because its a bigger engine??

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    from what i have heard the autos can be problematic.

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    If you need an auto, why bother with a vr6. Get yourself a nice cruisy 1.6 or 2L. You could even get a pink one
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    dj_daniel88 Guest
    what do you mean why bother? im not really interested in a 4 cylinder... i dont need an auto, but im considering getting it in auto. if auto is no good, i'll go manual. but i'm wanting to know why they are no good (if they are)??

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    i think loon is just having a lend of you....

    anyway - i have a manual vr6 - i prefer to have the torque and acceleration under my control - but yes sometimes it is a pain driving in peak hour in Sydney (especially when i am coming home from work and i just want to cruise) which is where 95% of my mileage occurs - but it pays off in spades when you need and want the extra power to dart in to closing spaces.

    haven't driven an auto version, but auto is auto - i think you'll choose it for convenience or your missus!
    \'95 Golf VR6

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    imported_brackie Guest

    Are autos suspect??

    I get the feeling that this was the reason behind the original post. Audi autos are definitely suspect (take a look on ebay any time!) but is this also true of VR6 autos? That is the question. It is definitely more noble to suffer the slings and arrows of outrageous gear changing than to fork our for a new auto! Some of us (Golf Loon and myself for example) like to drive our cars so we prefer manuals, but there's a place in this world for autos (ask any Commodore driver!) and it's usually in the city traffic. Glad I'm not there! Oh.. My father-in-law left his Camry here while he spends some time in NZ. It's an auto Whitegoods-on-Wheels but my mrs loves it. I give myself a tetanus shot even if I have to move it in the driveway!

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    Golfwise Guest

    Vr6 Auto

    VW make great gearboxes manual or auto.
    Go the vr6 Auto a very quick car and reliable too.
    As with any problem that may never arise ,tackle it at the time.
    It won't be long before manual gearboxes are extinct.
    VWs latest auto is magnificent
    so is M Schumaker's auto Fi Ferrari.
    Says it all really.
    Those with clutches come into the 21st century , we've come a long way since the EK Holden hydramatic.
    And in reference to early Audi autos its poor maintenance that kills them.not the box itself. :roll:

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    dj_daniel88 Guest
    Thanks golfwise... thats what i was waiting to hear! lol. i do like driving manual but i think i will get sick of it at times and auto will be more convenient.

    im gonna go test drive one tomorro, hopefully all goes well. this one is decently priced too.

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    auto only does 0-100 in like 9 something, man in 7.5, makes the choice easy i think
    cheers brenton

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    dj_daniel88 Guest

    went to look at this car today... the dealer seemed a bit dodgy, they lied about the year, advertised as '96 but was a '94, told me it had two owners, in fact it had had 4 owners and was registered 3 times! and said it had been serviced regularly, but it hadn't had a service since 2000.

    the cars interior and mechanics were in fairly poor condition. the leather was scratched up (almost cut in some places), a lot of wear and tear and damage to all plastics and it rattled like crazy. the roof lining was also falling down. there was a knocking noise coming from the engine, i'm not sure what exactly was wrong with it, but there were a lot of things that weren't right under the hood. when you drove it, it did not feel or sound right. it always skipped a beat. the guy was dreaming, he wanted $11k for it. i took some pictures of the car inside and out on my phone if your interested to see.

    was a shame, the car had a hard life. i do have a couple of questions: where is the cruise control located? i thought this was a standard feature on all vr6, but this one seemed to have an aftermarket installed.

    with the auto, how long is it supposed to hold onto the gears for? i'm pretty sure the transmission wasnt right on this one coz it seemed to want to hold on to gears and have it screaming at me. it didnt seem right.. or is this how vr6 autos are geared?

    what year did vw update the vr6 and give it body coloured bumpers?

    is a leather bound steering wheel standard on vr6? this had the original steering wheel but it didnt seem to have leather around it... there was no stitching and i couldnt tell if the seam was plastic or joint leather??

    well back to looking. i've got a budget of $10k and i'd prefer auto. i think that manuals are more sought after though??

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