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Thread: Fk ak or Fk Streetlines

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    Fk ak or Fk Streetlines

    I'm close to buying coilovers soon

    But i'm curious to the differences between the two of the Fk's.

    The Fk AK (Really Cheap!)
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    And the Fk Street-lines (not as cheap)
    ESE Tuning, FK Automotive Street-Line Coilover Suspension Kit for VW Cabrio, Corrado, Golf, GTI, Jetta MKII & MKIII

    What's their differences?
    Who prefers what out of the two?

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    Nevermind, did more searching:
    Put simply:
    FK AK: Height adjustable front only, 1 year warranty
    FK AK Streetline. Height adjustable front and rear. 2 year warranty

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    I had FK's in mine for a while, I found them to be pretty good. the lower they were the more comfortable they were. When I had them wound up (not max, but I had wheel gap on 16" wheels) they were a bit bouncy.

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    Bear in mind you can get em cheaper off ebay, new. Seller called performance3000 is who i'm ordering my streetlines from...530$ total including shipping from UK to Aus.
    If you don't care about adjusting your ride height then you don't really need coilovers, but most of the spring/shock combos won't go as low.
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