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Thread: 1995 Seat Toledo - FS

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    1995 Seat Toledo - FS

    I'm currently stuck with 2 cars and need to get rid of the Toledo. I dont know what to do tho. Figured here would be the best place.
    Im still a noob in relation to cars so i have no idea how much its worth so i'll just say $500ono.

    1995 Seat Toledo (White).
    1.6l - 160,000ish km.
    out of rego mar 1st.
    still goes well.. I took it to my mechanic and he said it only needs a side mirror and 2 new tires to pass rego.
    drivers side mirror has been knocked off by a truck at some stage when i was in perth. the mechanism n stuff still works, just needs new mirror stuck on.
    power windows in the front still work, the ones in the back, i took the door panels off and its all rusted out inside. (sucks living within 100m of the ocean for 2 years)
    theres a few rust spots around but nothing to stop rego.
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    show us some pics mate!


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