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Thread: Temora 1000

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    Temora 1000

    Temora 1000 News.

    Hi folks, just a quick message to let you all know where we are at with this years event. All is on schedule for the Sept 8. We have a meeting with the Temora aviation and council people next week. This to finalise the plans for spectator and sponsor areas. There will also be a bit more going on this year that will be made public shortly. Entries will be made available as soon as this is done so the supp regs can be completed.

    NSWCC is the event organiser and promoter again this year, with payments to be made directly to NSWCC. Details will be made available as soon as the entry forms go up on this site. An email will be sent to last years competitors to give them first preference on entry.
    Please do not attempt to pay for entry until the details are up.

    goto Log in for more information

    so please

    If you would like to enter the Event please register your interest
    Send your Name, Contact details, make and model of vehicle to

    we will add you to the mailing list and contact you as soon as entries open

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    sorry i dont think i explained the event properly

    the Temora 1000

    What : Point to Point, single release sprint over 1000m in a straight line

    When : September 8

    Where : Temora Aviation Museum, Temora Airport, Temora
    Time : Arrival Time TBA.

    here is a list of cars the entered last year
    15 x Holden Commodore (Monaro, Ute, SS, Wagon, Sedan)
    9 x Nissan Skyline (R31-35, Standard and GTR)
    8 x Toyota Supra
    8 x Ford Falcons (GT, XR6T, GTP)
    6 x Mazda RX7 (Series 1-
    6 x HSV (GTS, Clubsport, XU6)
    5 x Toyota Celica
    3 x Torana
    2 x Porsche 911 Turbo
    2 x AMG C63
    2 x Audi RS4
    2 x Mazda 323
    2 x Mitsubishi Evo's
    2 x Nissan Silvia's
    1 x Audi S5
    1 x BMW M3
    1 x Chrysler 300c Wagon
    1 x HDT Blue Meanie
    1 x Lamborghini Gallardo
    1 x Lotus Elise
    1 x Lotus Exige
    1 x Mazda 3 MPS
    1 x Mazda 626
    1 x Nissan 180SX
    1 x Nissan 300ZX
    1 x PBR Clubman
    1 x Shelby Mustang
    1 x Subaru WRX
    1 x Toyota Hilux
    1 x TVR Sagaris
    1 x Ultima GTR
    1 x Volkswagen Golf

    here is a youtube vid of last years fun
    Temora 1000 - YouTube

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    Entries for last years competitors have now opened for this years event
    public entries will be opened shortly if you would like to enter please send a EOI email to
    with what you plan to bring, and your details and we will reply with all relevant details

    or alternatively you can goto

    event page


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