As many have heard rumours and read posts here or there about this topic, I thought Id officially address the situation with regards to the distributor transition involving Volkswagen Racing UK.

Rather than re-write it myself, here are some portions of a letter written to me by the Director of Volkswagen Racing UK:

Quote Originally Posted by Sam, Director of Volkswagen Racing UK
Dear Ian,

I am writing with important news about changes to the global distribution of the Volkswagen Racing UK parts range which will affect you.

Volkswagen Racing UK has reached an agreement with APR in America. APR will become our exclusive distribution agents for VWR products around the world. Our parts will therefore only be supplied via their global dealer network. Therefore this will be APR Australia for your market.

We value the partnership that we have established with Rennenhaus, and the good work that you have been doing with us for the past years. ..

Thank you again for the partnership of the past years, and please do stay in touch.

With best wishes
Whilst this does have an impact on Rennenhaus, I firmly believe that VW Racing UK has done their business a great service, adding over 300 distributors worldwide, and for this I congratulate them.

At this point in time, I do plan to still offer VW Racing UK product on the Rennenhaus website and at some point during this transition period, pricing will be adjusted accordingly.

Im going to lock this off now, as I in no means wish to create a thread generating negative banter. If you wish to say anything, and I do encourage you to speak your mind, please do so by PM to me.

Thanks to everyone for your words of support and I wish VW Racing UK and APR a successful partnership.

- ian @ rennenhaus